President’s Letter 2017-2018

Ever wonder what causes excitement?

Is it an image, an action, a feeling, or an event?

If you apply these memories to something you enjoy that comes roughly at this time every year, well, then you’re like the other 190,000 of us in Ontario! You feel the cool of the October and anticipate even colder weather that leads to maybe, just maybe, seeing some of that glorious white stuff early. You may even react by putting that battery charger on your old friend that has been waiting for you for the past 6 months. Then comes the local snowmobile open houses and the big show…

My friends you have created excitement!

The greatest thing about this excitement is that it fosters enthusiasm and provides us the opportunity to share our passion for the sport. Nothing better than a smile on a young snowmobiler with rosy cheeks – truly, that’s what it’s all about.

In thinking ahead to the 2017-18 season, I encourage everyone to get involved and be active! Be it trail riding or volunteering at your local club, showing up to do what you love best has a positive effect on everyone else. Fellow snowmobilers, please get out and enjoy our trails this season.There have been many people working diligently behind the scenes to put more of you on the snow for the upcoming season.

This year, our New Dundee Snowmobile Club celebrates 40 years of supporting and celebrating our sport. Nothing would make our club members happier then to see you out there smiling and enjoying our trail system!

Have a great season!

Matt Sabo


New Dundee Snowmobile Club

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